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Custom Dry Cleaning

Every item that we receive goes through a systematic check list. This personal attention to details is what distinguishes Peloso Cleaners from production oriented Dry Cleaning services. This is how we ensure and guarantee customer satisfaction and quality service.

We start by inspecting for stains. Each type of stain requires a different treatment. A coffee stain, for instance, may require up to three processes: one to remove the coffee, one to treat milk or cream, and another to address sugar. By utilizing the best cleaning agents, method and technology, and deploying the best business practices we are able to remove stains and make clothes look new again, without harming the fabric.


Seudo & Leather

Our experience keeps your leather goods looking great. Thanks to our experience, we have the capacity of keeping your suede and leather goods looking great. Although suede and leather are durable fabrics, they are prone to scuffs and stains, especially when they are not cleaned by a professional. This is why we recommend you take advantage of our deep cleaning service at the end of the season to remove heavy soiling and to condition your garments for next season.

Whether you need cleaning services for your suede or leather coat, skirt, pants, gloves or handbag, we ensure that you can protect your investment and proudly wear it for years to come.

Peloso Cleaners works with the best Suede and Leathers specialists in Canada to ensure that your garments are cleaned in the proper manner and that they maintain their longevity.


Restoration Dry Cleaning

What’s sitting in your attic? Your mother’s wedding gown? Your father’s christening robe? Maybe it’s your grandparents’ heirloom table linens.

Peloso Cleaners use gentle whiteners and cleaning solutions to return these cherished treasures to a wearable and usable condition. We can give heirlooms a second, and sometimes even a third or fourth lease on life.

Utmost Caution
Before doing any work, we sit down with you to study the item, taking note of any stains. We’ll tell you in advance what kind of results to expect. We then test the item at every stage in the process to minimize damage.

Damage Reversal in case of Fire or Water Damage
Peloso also offers a specialty restoration service for customers who have had fire, smoke or water damage in their home. Peloso can return your clothing and household contents to their previous condition at a fraction of their replacement cost. Not only do you save time and money, but you also keep your treasured possessions. That is priceless.

Drapery & Area Rugs

Wedding Dress Cleaning

So, you walked down the aisle, towards your perfect husband in your perfect gown. The perfect day is over but the memories will stay. Now, it is time to preserve this jewel – your gown.

Your wedding gown is a unique treasure that carries unforgettable memories. It cannot be replaced. It deserves to be preserved. It deserves our expertise.

After the wedding, bring us your gown. Together, we will inspect the gown, inch by inch. We will ensure that your dress is cleaned to perfection.

Wedding Gown Restoration

We also provide a special restoration service to whiten vintage gowns that have yellowed with time. Our brides have worn their grandmothers’ and even their great-grandmothers’ gowns on their special day.

Work Wear and Coveralls

It is not a secret: work wear and coveralls get especially dirty… perhaps even too dirty to put in your own washing machine. This could damage it or make it so that your “regular” laundry comes out not as clean as it should.

At Peloso Cleaners, we offer work wear and coveralls cleaning services. We spare you the trouble of having to clean your work wear and gamble with the efficiency of your washing machine.

All you have to do is to drop us off your filthy, muddy, grubby work wear… or even simpler, you can take advantage of our free pick-up and delivery service to save time and money.

Let us do the dirty work so you can start your work day in clean clothes!

Winter Coats

Flowers are blooming and birds are signing. The winter season is OVER! Don’t put your coat back in your closet just yet. Just drop it off to us so we can clean and freshen it before it is stored for the beautiful season ahead.

From ski jackets to cashmere coats, Peloso Cleaners will inspect your winter wear for stains. They will then clean it and freshen it with great care so your coat is ready for the next cold season.

Did you know washing a coat in a regular washing machine could alter its performance in cold weathers? Leave it to the experts. This is what we do!

Linen & Tablecloths

Peloso Cleaners helps restaurants, catering companies and hotels big and small to keep linens and tablecloths clean and fresh so they, in turn, can do what they do best: service their clients.

We will remove food and beverage stains off tablecloth and napkins, aprons, linens and more.

If you are a restaurant owner, a caterer or hotel manager, we can spare you the trouble of having to clean your linens and tablecloths.


Pants are too long? Straps are too short? You look amazing thanks to the new diet but buying new clothes is taking its toll on your wallet? Your favorite coat

Down-filled Duvets & Comforters


The Benefits of Choosing Peloso Cleaners

After cleaning, we inspect each item. If it doesn’t meet our critical eye, the item returns to the stain removal board. Only when we are satisfied do we release your garments for hand pressing and finishing.


What Our Esteemed Customers Say

"WORTH EVERY PENNY! I brought in a white satin dress that had been sitting in the back of my closet for 6 years with sweat and drink stains on it. I had no expectations that it could be saved- IT LOOKS BRAND NEW! I don't know how they did it but its amazing. 10/10 I am so impressed and will forever be a loyal customer. They work some amazing magic and I could not be happier.

"Truly an amazing company, as soon as I walk in I was greeted with exceptional service. I have gone to Peloso Cleaners for years for many different services and every time my expectation were exceeded. I couldn't recommend this company enough, to top it all it is in Prime location in the heart of Little Italy, very easily accessible. This is more than a cleaning service, you are treated like family.

"Excellent dry cleaners with great customer service and the owner is super nice! After reading all the good reviews, I brought in one of my favourite coats that had a few stains on the sleeves and it came back looking like new! Thank you Joe! I will definitely be going back!

"Took my 5 year old badly stained Canada Goose coat. And I was super impressed with the results. Highly recommend this place..The owner was an absolute pro. Great customer service! Amazing clean! Will definitely be going back!!!

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